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Cheam Charter Fair 2014
Cheam Charter Fair 2014

The Fair Residents of Cheam will celebrate the 757th annual Cheam Charter Fair on Saturday 14 May 2016.

The fair is thought to date back to 1259 when Henry III granted Cheam a charter making it a town. Firm historical records of Cheam Charter Fair date back to the 1800s when a fairground accompanied the market.

The fair is steeped in custom, with traders traditionally marking out their stalls with chalk in advance of the fair. Stall bookings are free and bookings are taken from 1 February  to 31 April from organisations or individuals based in Sutton or adjoining boroughs. See the Stalls page of this site for details.

Activities In addition to around 80 stalls we also ask local groups and businesses to provide demonstrations or entertainment on the corner in the heart of the fair. Currently we have the following arranged:

  • 09:00. Opening ceremony with His Worship The Mayor of Sutton, children from St Dunstan’s School and the choir of St Dunstan’s Church.
  • 10:15-12:45 (approx). A series of demonstrations and performances on the bend in Park Road.
    • 10:15 The Chi Clinic Demonstrations of Tai Chi, Health Qigong, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Kung Fu and Martial Arts.
    • 11:00 Chatsworth Studio Ballet / Theatre Dance demonstration with a free class for children.
    • 12:00 Pennyroyal Clog Dancers Traditional clog stepping dance group.

Cheam Charter Week

A series of events in the week leading up to the fair (and some after!) are brought together under the title Cheam Charter Week. Events include the celebration of the traditional Fair day of 15 May in line with the terms of the charter. 2016 is an unusual year as the 15 May is a Sunday so, according to tradition, the official fair day changes to Saturday 14 May.

You will also find some organisations get into the fair atmosphere and offer and provide special offers on the day of the fair or throughout the week. Details are shown on the Cheam Charter Week page.

If you are part of a local organisation that would like to organise an event as part of Cheam Charter Week please contact us via info@cheamcharterfair.org.uk.

About us

Since 2012 the fair has been facilitated by a steering group formed of members of the Cheam community and representatives of key organisations in Cheam. The group meets as necessary to make sure the fair continues and operates within current legal requirements. The group also created Cheam Charter Week to encourage and help Cheam organisations to engage with their local community.

In June 2015 the steering group became a sub group of Cheam Chamber of Trade. This change provides a more formal legal structure for the steering group and makes it easier for the two groups to share expertise and knowledge for the benefit of both Cheam Charter Fair / Week and Cheam Traders’ Christmas Fair.

If you would like to get involved with this friendly group please email info@cheamcharterfair.org.uk.


Charter 2016

Download a copy of our poster to help us publicise the fair. Just click on this link to the Cheam Charter Fair 2016 poster and print a copy.