Want to make a public spectacle of yourself?

Do you know any entertainers living in or near Cheam who would like to wander around Cheam Charter Fair demonstrating their skills and handing out their business cards? A great opportunity for local talent to get some bookings without any advertising costs. Contact us via info@cheamcharterfair.org.uk.

Square or FourSquare

In case you haven’t noticed Cheam Charter Fair has expanded its virtual presence into the world of FourSquare. See http://4sq.com/yB8yZN and if you are a FourSquare user don’t forget to check in next time you are in Cheam Village. While you are being ‘Social’ why not ‘Like’ our Facebook Page?

‘Read all about it’. In case you missed it, we were in the news.

It was great that the fair got a mention in the press, and it’s been even better as people have told me they saw the article in the Sutton Guardian. This is a great opportunity for Cheam to tell everyone what it has to offer and it is reassuring to get support from our local […]

Why all the talk about Priest Holes?

Some of you may be wondering why we have been Twittering about Priest Holes recently. Good question, it’s not something that normally crops up in our daily conversation and it’s not something that’s obviously connected with Cheam Charter Fair. Well, the great news is that we were recently made aware of a genuine Priest Hole […]

100 days until Cheam Charter Fair! Gulp…

Only 100 days to go. If your Charity, group or business could benefit from having a free stall at the fair please contact us. See cheamcharterfair.org.uk for details.

Cheam starts to get into the spirit of the Charter Fair

Charities, schools, associations, businesses and other organisations¬†in and around Cheam are starting to realise how Cheam Charter Fair can benefit them and are getting into the spirit. Many are signing up to provide entertainment and stalls, and others are thinking up special events to encourage Fair visitors to drop in to their premises. This year […]

Fair history; the plot thickens. No sign in 1860s but Cheam brothers fight using poker.

A look through the Sutton Journal newspapers of 1864/5 have not revealed any references to Cheam Charter Fair which casts further doubt on the Fair’s continuous operation since 1259. Reading the articles in these old newspapers does however give an interesting insight into Victorian Cheam in the 1860s and shows how life has changed, but […]

Did you have a stall at Cheam Charter Fair 2011?

If you had a stall at Cheam Charter Fair in 2011 please contact us to ensure you are on our list for this year’s Fair on Sat 19 May 2012. Also contact us if you didn’t have a stall in 2011 but are interested in having a free one this year for your Cheam-based charity, […]

Any Mummers around Cheam?

The programme for the 1951 Cheam Charter Fair mentions a ‘Mumming Play‘. It’s surprising how many people don’t know what a Mumming (or Mummers) play is. Anyone know if there are still any troupes in the Cheam area?

A free stall at Cheam Charter Fair for your group, charity or small business?

Do you have (or know of) a group, charity or small business in the Cheam area that could benefit from a stall at the Cheam Charter Fair on Sat 19 May 2012? This could be an ideal opportunity to publicise your activity and gain members, helpers and/or customers.