Cheam Charter Fair 2019 stalls

Cheam Charter Fair 2016
A busy scene at Cheam Charter Fair 2016

This page provides information about booking a place for your stall at Cheam Charter Fair which will be held on Saturday 18 May 2019 from 09:00 to 13:00

Details of the local charities, groups and businesses that have booked for the fair are shown on the Stalls list page of this site as bookings are confirmed.

At the bottom of the page you will find answers to some frequently asked questions from stall holders.

Booking a FREE stall

Who can book?

If you are involved with a charity, group or business in Cheam or adjoining areas why not set up a free stall at the fair to increase awareness or raise funds.
We will add details of all booked stalls to the Stalls List page of this website providing you with free publicity, and a link to your website, prior to the Fair.

Important stuff

  • * IMPORTANT * We will buy a Street Trading License to allow you to trade legally on Park Road BUT you must satisfy any other legal requirements relating to any items for sale and be in possession of any specific legal documents required to trade. This is only likely to apply if you are selling food.
  • *IMPORTANT* Due to insurance and licensing we are unable to accept bookings from stalls selling HOT food or alcohol.
  • *NOTE* Booking will end towards the end of April but as space is limited the application period may end before this if necessary.

How to book?

We have an online form that will enable you to enter all the details needed to request a place at the fair. Please read the information on the first page as it may save you time and avoid having your application rejected.

Any questions?

Any questions? Have a look at the Frequently asked Questions section below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will there be other stalls selling the same as me? You can look at details of all currently booked stalls on the Stalls list page of this site.
  • Will you allocate my pitch? In line with the tradition of the fair, pitches are not allocated. You can either find a space on the day or take part in the traditional activity of ‘chalking’ where stall holders chalk out their pitch on the ground in advance of the fair.
  • Do you provide my stall? Afraid not. Just bring a table or whatever is suitable for your activity.
  • Is there any power or water? Due to the street location there are no services (electricity, water etc) available for stalls. Please also note you cannot bring generators.
  • What time do I need to set up my stall? The fair starts at 09:00 with a procession of local children and a choir, lead by the Mayor of Sutton. It is therefore important that all stalls are set up, and vehicles removed from Park Road, by this time. We suggest you set up between 08:00 and 08:45 to avoid rushing and give you time to get a coffee and chat to other stall holders.
  • What is ‘chalking’ Stall pitches are not allocated so you can just find a space on the day or follow the Fair’s tradition of chalking a space on the pavement. You can chalk any time in advance of the fair but early chalking includes the risk of any rain unmarking your pitch!
  • Can I bring a gazebo? Although we try to book good weather you are welcome to bring a gazebo if you you feel it might be needed. However… please read the item below about stall setup as we need to maintain a clear route along the centre of the road for emergency access. Putting the back legs of the gazebo on the pavement will help.
  • Stall setup We do not provide stalls so you will need a table or similar as appropriate to what you are doing. Keep an eye out for, and please respect, any chalked pitches and try to make best possible use of the available space. Please bear in mind we need to maintain access down the centre of the road for emergency vehicles and also please keep access to side roads clear. To help with judging the depth of your stall the longer leg of Park Road varies from 5.3 metres wide at the Red Lion end to 7.5 metres at the High Street end. You may be able to gain some space by using the pavement but please remember residents will need access to their property so please don’t block their front gate.

Any other questions? Contact us via