Cheam Charter Fair 2024

Cheam Charter Fair will take place on Saturday 18 May 2024.

Before booking your stall, please familiarise yourself with the information on this page. Booking starts around February and will end towards the end of April but as space is limited the application period may end before this if necessary.

Who can book?

We like to keep stall holders local, if you are a business based in Cheam or surrounding areas please apply. We will give preference to those in the village first. If you are involved with a charity or group in Cheam or adjoining areas you are welcome to set up a stall at the fair to increase awareness or raise funds, it will be at the discretion of the Cheam Charter Fair committee to reduce the stall fee. 

How much does a stall cost?

There will now be a charge to book a stall at Cheam Charter Fair. This charge is necessary in order to cover some of the expenses that the Fair incurs. This amount will need to be paid directly into Cheam Charter Fair bank account on acceptance of your stall application. 

Can I get a refund for my stall?

 Should Cheam Charter Fair Committee decide to cancel the fair as much notice as possible shall be provided and refunds given. Should stallholders decide to cancel or not attend the fair, no refunds will be given. It is at the absolute discretion of the Cheam Charter Fair Committee the stalls that shall attend.

Do I need a Licence?

We buy a Street Trading License to allow you to trade legally on the day, but you (/your business) must satisfy any other legal requirements relating to any items for sale and be in possession of any specific legal documents required to trade. Please check on the council website if you are not sure.

Due to insurance and licensing we are unable to accept bookings from stalls selling HOT food or alcohol.

Other important bits:

  • Pitch Allocation: You will upon arrival be allocated a plot.  
  • There may be stalls selling the same goods as yours: We will try our best to make the fair stalls as varied as possible, but there may be stalls selling same goods as yours.  We will list some stalls via our Facebook page in the run up to the event. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any stall application.
  • How big can my stall be? To make best utilisation of the space and be fair to all stall holders, your stall can vary from a single small table to a maximum standard gazebo (3m X3m).
  • Is there any power or water? Due to the street location there are no services (electricity, water etc) available for stalls. Please also note you cannot bring generators.
  • What time do I need to set up my stall? The fair starts at 09:00 with a procession of local children and a choir, led by the Mayor of Sutton. Set up must be between 07:30 and 08:45 with allocated times for all stallholdersAll stalls are required to be set up, and vehicles removed from Park Road, by 08.45
  • Can I bring a gazebo?  Gazebos are allowed, securely held in place with weights but a clear route along the centre of the road must be left for emergency access. Putting the back legs of the gazebo on the pavement will help.
  • Advertising We do a number of marketing activities for the fair, but we would also ask those businesses with a stall to help by using your social media channels, schools, friends and family groups to spread the word to make it as successful as possible for all
  • Stall setup You will need a table or similar as appropriate to what you are doing. Please bear in mind we need to maintain access down the centre of the road for emergency vehicles and also please keep access to side roads clear. You may be able to gain some space by using the pavement but please remember residents will need access to their property so please don’t block their front gate. 

Ok, I am ready to book:

We have a form that will enable you to enter all the details needed to request a place at the fair. The form for 2024 can be found HERE.

Please read the information on the first page as it may save you time and avoid having your application rejected.

I have a question:

Don’t find answer to your question on this page? Please contact